Welcome to the Crimson Citadel,
a Vampire: The Masquerade Chronicle for Mind’s Eye Theatre

In what was to foretold be the ‘final nights’, San Diego went from being a constant battleground to sanctuary for survival. Virulent blood plagues took their toll on the vampire population, as if in-synch with uprisings of Lupines and Kuei-jin, doom felt certain. Sect wars and other petty struggles were put aside in order to endure the supposed ‘gehenna’…


The Zoro Garden is located between Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and the east end of the El Prado pathway.
Parking is available: Space Theater Way or Village Place

Zoro Garden of Balboa Park

Players will meet at the basin area of the garden, atop the trail.
Please do no venture past the bridge without proper lighting and company.

Staff Email: crimsoncitadel@aol.com

Character Generation

Vampire: The Masqurade – Mind’s Eye Theatre
By Night Studios, published 2013

Crimson Citadel

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